Solder Rework Station With Hot Air At Low Cost

Combination Hot Air and Temperature Controlled Soldering Station is currently offering a soldering rework station and temperature controlled soldering iron in a combination workstation for $79.99. It includes a wide variety of tips and accessories. With and MSRP of $179.90 it is 55% off of list price. The brand and quality is unknown but the low price makes it worthy of consideration for bench repairs. It is available at

Big Screen Multitouch

MotionCOMMAND Gen2

Are you loving your iPhone or iPad but can't seem to get enough multi-touch. Want to bring the power of multi-touch to your computer workstation or home studio or maybe you are looking for a good multi-touch screen to control your gigging rig. Do you need 19",24",40",65", or maybe even 80" multi-touch capability. Maybe you just want to build your dream recreation of a Star Trek NG bridge in your man cave. Music computing is now ready to meet your multi-touch needs with their MotionCOMMAND line of multi-touch screens for Windows 7 or Mac OsX applications and are available in 17", 19", 20", 22", 24", 32", 40", 42", 46", 55", 65", and 80" models with 2 or 4 touches

Multi-Touchscreens are simply touchscreens that you can touch with more than one finger. However, that's where the similarities stop. Since it's more natural for human beings to use their hands than a mouse, the ability to work in our natural state means more efficiency, better control over software interfaces and the elimination of having to map software controls to hardware controllers. With multi-touchscreens, what you see is what you get to control.

Boss GT-100 Guitar Effects Processor

Boss GT-100

Building on decades of experience in sound design and amp modeling Roland has remodeled all the COSM amplifiers in the new GT-100 Guitar Effects Processor. Not only conventional vintage amp models are included in the GT-100 but also all-new amps that deliver amazingly transparent clean tones, and ultra-high gain modern sounds.

At the core of the GT-100 is BOSS’ very fast new proprietary DSP chip. This new muscle gives the COSM amps and effects clarity and dynamic response. This new responsiveness takes things one giant step closer to the feel and expressiveness of the world’s finest tube-based amplifiers.

The GT-100 is also a powerful multi-effects processor packed with a huge array of effects, including overdrives, distortions, delays, pitch shifters, modulation, reverb, and many more. The newly developed ACCEL pedal lets players create explosive effects in live performance by adjusting multiple effects parameters in real time with one simple foot press.

Line 6 Digital Network PA System

Line 6 StageSource L3m

Line 6 Inc. in Calabasas, Calif., Has begun shipping their StageSource L3m digitally networkable speaker system. StageSource loudspeaker systems are compact full range three-way speakers built on technology that enables a single enclosure to perform in multiple live sound functions.

These StageSource speaker systems use Line 6's proprietary L6 LINK digital networking and feature six Smart Speaker modes. The six modes of the L3m optimize its output for front-of-house P.A., floor monitor, personal P.A., keyboard and acoustic guitar back-line, or with Line 6 POD multi-effects processors it becomes a high-performance electric guitar system. With built-in orientation sensors that detect whether the speaker has been pole-mounted or rotated and tilted for use as a monitor Smart Speaker modes can be selected automatically.Modes may also be set up manually.

Behringer X32 Digital Mixing Console

Behringer X32 Digital Mixing Console

The new BEHRINGER X32 digital mixing console lets you focus on your event, instead of navigating a vast sea of knobs, buttons and menus like most other live digital mixers. X32 is intuitive and powerful with 40 processing channels and 25 mix buses, all equipped with serious signal processing (dynamics, EQ and inserts), which can be configured quickly to meet the demands of virtually any gig, large or small.Thanks to the netbook-resolution, 800x480 high-contrast color TFT display, you are never more than one or two button presses away from any of X32’s eight highly intuitive control screens.

The BEHRINGER X32 digital mixing console sets a new benchmark for live sound mixing along with unprecedented value. It's a full-featured 32 channel digital mixing console with a large input and output channel count, comprehensive processing, flexible expansion options and intuitive user interface—all at an affordable price.

TC Electronics Nova System Limited

Nova System Limited

TC Electronics Nova System guitar multi-effects board has been popular with guitarists for a number of years now. They are used by some big name rock guitarists and have a loyal user following. TC Electronics has just released a "limited" edition of this popular compact pedal unit sporting a boosted price tag. So What makes this unit a "limited" edition. That label usually implies a limited production run or window of availability of a product but no lot size or availability dates have been published. What makes it different from the standard system and justifies the premium pricing? Well the most visible difference is the new sporty red color that makes it an attractive little unit. Attractive as it may be it seems a little superfluous for a unit that sits on the stage floor visible only to the guitarist whose foot is often resting upon it.

Music Computing's StudioBLADE (Gen2) Keyboard Production Workstation

What do you get when you take an Intel™ Xeon™ dual six core enterprise class server with slots to handle up to 192 gigabytes of triple channel memory, and package it with a full size keyboard, and a stunning array of controller inputs, including knobs sliders, pitch and mod wheels and a massive array of large backlit rubber buttons? Well if you include a built in 1024 x 576 LCD touch screen, Windows 7 operating system, DVI and HDMI outputs, built in gigabit ethernet, and built in Presonus™ Audiobox™, or Firestudio™ audio interfaces, you get the most powerful keyboard production workstation on the planet, Music Computing's StudioBLADE™ (Gen2). The combination of computing power that would be the envy of mid-sized corporations across America, Maximum parametric control, and studio class audio interfaces means that this unit can serve not only as a gargantuan keyboard workstation but as then central core of your entire music studio.

Four New Products From Korg


Korg has added four new products to their lineup since the first of the year. The product offerings show the wide range of diversity that has become the Korg product line. While best known for their keyboards, their tuners have become quite popular and their Wave Drum series of hand percussion have had some significant success of late. Both of these lines will receive new offerings with the arrival of the Pitchclip clip-on tuner and the Wave Drum Mini. Rounding out the offerings are a battery operated powered monitor speaker and the Monotribe ribbon synthesizer.

Yamaha Expands It's DTX Drum Line

DTX Series Drums

Expanding on the success of their DTX-900 which debuted at this years winter NAMM show in January and won the "Best in Show" award, Yamaha has released two new lines of electronic percussion featuring their DTX pads. Yamaha designed its innovative new DTX-PAD with input from the company's legendary roster of drum artists. The Textured Cellular Silicone head features a proprietary manufacturing process that introduces small air bubbles into foamed silicone to provide playability and feel unlike any pad introduced to market. Using a new numbering system based on the Drum trigger module Yamaha has launched two new lines that will allow the new technology to reach a wider range of customers.

Guitar Super-Heroes

Marvel Comics

Peavey has teamed up with Marvel Entertainment,LLC, to release a new line of guitars featuring Marvels well known super-hero characters. The likes of Captain America, Thor, Wolverine, The X-Men, Spider Man, Iron Man and the Incredible Hulk will now decorate the bodies of this new line of guitars. Guitarists of all ages and skill levels will find offerings with their favorite super-hero characters. This summer's kickoff will begin with a half sized acoustic guitar followed by a 3/4 size electric and a full sized Peavey Rockmaster® guitar. They will also feature a full line of accessories including guitar picks and straps featuring the Marvel characters.

Founded in 1965, Peavey Electronics has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of musical instruments since the company revolutionized guitar making by introducing computer-aided manufacturing techniques in the 1970s to vastly improve quality and consistency. Today, the methods Peavey pioneered are the industry standard worldwide.