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This list contains the largest listing of sources for parts and service manuals for electronic organs, electronic keyboards, digital pianos, guitar amplifiers, Hammond organs, vintage keyboards, and electronic musical equipment currently available on the internet. It is searchable by manufacturer, product, or service type. Most of the major electronic musical equipment manufacturers are represented. Many MITA members also sell new and used parts, service manuals, and accessories for many models of musical electronics which they are glad to offer to the public and they are also listed.

MITA members world wide stock hard to find parts and manuals that are no longer available from the manufacturers and even from manufacturers that are no longer in business. These may be new old stock or quality used parts. It is impossible to list all of these parts and who may have them. If you are looking for a particular part or manual you may use the Contact MITA link and leave the details. We will post your request on the private MITA member forums and if any of our members have that part available they will contact you with the details. A MITA member technician may have just the item you need to bring your vintage jewel or family keepsake back to life.

Listing of Suppliers of Parts and Services

Titlesort iconState/ProvincePostal CodeCountryPoducts and ServicesProduct Lines
Accordions International UT84115USConcerto MIDI Accordions, MIDI Retros and Accesories
Acme Industries of Orlando USOrignial Japanese transistors and IC specialists. Our goal is to provided you with exactly the same replacement transistors and and IC's as sold by the OEM's.
Acoustone NY11211USGrille cloth
Adagio QuebecCanada
Adagio, USA IL61701USAdagio is a division of Kaysound and is now making electronic pianos
Advent Organ Builders WA98321USFormerly Associated Organ Builders aka Second Wind/Britson Organworks
Aldmond Speakers NC27330USAhlborn Galanti and Ahlborn Archive Amp/Speaker Systems
Alesis UK LTD United Kingdomsupport +44 1252 353 850
Alesis Worldwide Headquarters RI02864USAlesis products, parts, manuals, and support for the United States.
All Electronics CA91411USPotentiometers, semiconductors,caps, jacks, wall warts, LED's batteries, switches, analog meters, fans, and other commonly stocked stuff.
All-Spec Industries NC28401USA Nationwide supplier of ESD and non ESD products for electronic manufacturing, repair, field service and telecommunications industries. A large range of electronic manufacturing tools, soldering stations and irons, telecom, field service and test & measurement equipment.
Allen Organ Company PA18062UScontact parts a
American Music & Sound (AM&S) USAmerican Music & Sound is a leading independent distributor of Pro Audio, Music Creation, and Musical Instrument products from the world's finest manufacturers including Kurzweil PRO Products. As of October 1, 2009, distributor of Kurzweil Pro Keyboards, Rackmounts, & Signal Processors and Mark Pro SP series). AM& S distributes and supports the pro line of Kurzweil while Young Chang of America distributes and supports the home line, such as the digital pianos. That will soon change when AM & S also takes over the "home" line.
Angela Instruments MD20701USSuppliers of audio electronic specialty items to the music industry and hobbyists worldwide. Electronic components, Connectors, Guitar amp parts, Speakers, Transformers.
Antique Electronic Supply AZ85283USVacuum tubes grill cloth, High voltage capacitors and transformers, books
AOB Organ Consultants Inc. WI54304-4228US
Artisan Instruments, Inc WA98028-7910USArtisan Instruments is building beautiful new consoles again, at affordable prices. A µMIDI Board having expanded memory for Combination Action. MIDI Extender Boards for sending MIDI data from the console to a remote chamber area for audio systems or pipes. MDI I/O Board used to bring MIDI to the front of the console for Record/Playback sequencer.
Audio Labs of Georgia GA30340USloud speakers, Radian, JBL, driver diaphragms, semiconductors, NTE components
B & D Enterprizes PA16345USSpecializing in japanese IC's STK Amp Modules, Transistors
BB Organ MN55432USHamptone, Hammond and Leslie products
Benson, James - Electro Organ Service MN55122USBaldwin ConcertMaster, Pianovelle, Howard, and non US made electronic "home" products distributed by Baldwin:Gibson Piano Ventures -- Weber parts. Hammond, Allen, Kurzweil, some Howard parts
Biamp Systems OR97005USPower Amps
boehm (böhm) GermanyManufacturer and supplier of parts and service for Boehm/Böhm products
Böhm USA Organs & Keyboards MO63088USUS supplier for parts and service for Boehm/Böhm products.
Butler Electronics AL36301USSome Samick parts may be available from Jim Butler.