Suppliers of Parts and Manuals

Since, there are inherent dangers to both person and equipment we would discourage you from attempting to make your own repairs unless you have significant experience with servicing electronic equipment. If you are qualified to do the work the following supplier locator may be used to locate a supplier of parts and manuals by manufacturer brand name.

This list contains the largest listing of sources for parts and service manuals for electronic organs, electronic keyboards, digital pianos, guitar amplifiers, Hammond organs, vintage keyboards, and electronic musical equipment currently available on the internet. It is searchable by manufacturer, product, or service type. Most of the major electronic musical equipment manufacturers are represented. Many MITA members also sell new and used parts, service manuals, and accessories for many models of musical electronics which they are glad to offer to the public and they are also listed.

Hard To Find and No Longer Available Parts

Manufacturers are shortening the time that they support their products with parts and manuals. Growing numbers of vintage pieces are falling into that category. This means that keyboards, pianos, and digital studio equipment 10 years old or less no longer have repair parts available from manufacturers stocks. MITA members world wide stock hard to find parts and manuals that are no longer available from the manufacturers and even from manufacturers that are no longer in business. These may be new old stock or quality used parts. It is impossible to list all of these parts and who may have them. If you are looking for a particular part or manual you may use the Contact MITA link and leave the details. We will post your request on the private MITA member forums and if any of our members have that part available they will contact you with the details. A MITA member technician may have just the item you need to bring your vintage jewel or family keepsake back to life.

Let a MITA Member Technician Perform Your Repair

You may find a MITA member technician near you using our locator. MITA member technicians have the expertise to make your repair whether you are looking to repair a vintage keyboard, synthesizer or Hammond Organ or the latest Modeling guitar amp, digital recording studio or digital piano. Through MITA's close association with manufacturers and continuing education programs MITA member technicians stay on the leading edge of technology used by the electronic musical equipment manufacturers. Through the member forums all members have instant access to a worldwide network of veteran technicians and manufacturers technical staff and their expertise. Member technicians are committed to being the best in the industry.